Talimena Drive is beautiful year round. Spring brings delightful colors with the Dogwoods,Redbuds and beautiful wildflowers. Summer brings an array of greens cascading down the mountain sides.On a clear day you can see for miles from the vistas.  If you happen to be on the drive at the right time you can see hang gliders floating in the sky.   Near Sunset Vista you can view the miniature forest and see how the 100s of year old trees are dwarfed by the ice and winds at their lofty height. 

Yanush Stor & Ice on Talimena Drive 1-22
Driving Uphill

Talimena Drive mementos available at the

Talihina Visitors Center

Yanush Stor & Ice on Talimena Drive 1-22
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This guide book gives info about every scenic turn out, info about the unique ecosystem, and historical information on Talimena Drive. $6

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