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POPULATION - Talihina Is located in Eastern Oklahoma.with a 2020 Census count of 1,068. It is the 213th largest city in Oklahoma. Talihina's population has peaked at 1,135                                                Data from the 2000 population census place the Talihina population at 1,211 with 2.5% of the population of LeFlore County residing in Talihina. In Talihina, 54.8% of the population is Caucasian, 1% is African American, 37.2% is Native American, and the remaining 7% is comprised of other races. The LeFlore County labor force was 18,963 in 2000. Participation rate in the county labor force constitutes 63.26% of males and 45.94% of females. (Labor surveys have been completed in many labor markets throughout Oklahoma. For more information or a copy of the survey for this region, if available, please call our office at 405-815-5262).


CLIMATE AND WEATHER - The average January temperature in Talihina is 52 degrees Fahrenheit with a July temperature average of 93 degrees. The area receives an average of 55.6 inches of rain annually and 2.8 inches of snow. The average number of flying days is 347.​

AIR AND WATER TRANSPORATION - The nearest commercial airport is 70 miles from Talihina at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. This airport is a full service field with five airlines in operation. The nearest water transportation is the Port of Muskogee. It is 104 miles from Talihina and has a channel depth of 9 feet. It is connected via the Arkansas River to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.


GENERAL GOVERNMENT  - Talihina has a Board of Trustees type of government. There is a comprehensive city plan. The city provides garbage service and water, including rural water.


PUBLIC SAFETY - Talihina has 14 volunteer fire personnel and 5 full-time police officers and one reserve officer. The city’s fire insurance has an 8 classification while the adjacent area has a 9 classification.


UTILITY PROVIDERS - Utility services are provided primarily by the following carriers:

 *Electric –Centerpoint Energy  (866) 275-5265

 *Rural Electric – Kiamichi Electric Co. 1-800-888-2731

 *Natural Gas – Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co. 1-866-275-5265

 *Telephone – At&T  (918) 649-1333   or  Pine Cellular  (918) 567-2368

 *Water, Sewer, Trash-Town of Talihina-918-567-2194       https://townoftalihina.org/

SANITATION AND SEWAGE TREATMENT - Talihina has a discharging oxidation lagoon system of treatment. The city’s sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 11% of capacity.


EXPRESS AND MOTOR FREIGHT - There are approximately 8 motor freight companies serving Talihina on an as-needed basis. Express services include United Parcel Service, Film Transit and Federal Express.

ROAD SYSTEM - Talihina is located at the intersection of US 271, SH 1, SH 63, and SH 82. The nearest interstate highway is I-40, approximately 74 miles to the north. The nearest Turnpike is Indian Nation approximately 50 miles to the west. Talihina has one bus carrier. 


​ACCOMMODATIONS - The city has 2 hotels/motels with more than 15 rooms. The largest banquet room in Talihina seats 325. There are several cabins in the near vicinity of Talihina


HOUSING - Talihina has 534 dwellings; 55% are owner-occupied.


PLACE OF WORSHIP - Thirteen Protestant churches and 1 Catholic Church are located in Talihina.


MEDIA - Talihina residents can choose from service from multiple companies for, dish television and broadband/dial-up Internet access.


TAX STRUCTURE  - Talihina’s property tax rate is $89.18 per $1,000 assessed value for the year 1998-99. The fractional assessment percentage for real property is 11.00% and for personal property; 11.00%. The city has a sales tax rate of 3.0%. In addition, the state levies a 4.5% tax rate on sales. LeFlore County levies a 0.5% sales tax.


COMMERCIAL SERVICES - Within the city there is at least one machine shop. From the city the nearest tool and die services or electric and motor repair services are 39 miles.


EDUCATION RESOURCES  - Talihina has 3 primary and secondary schools with approximately 580 students and 45 teachers. Eastern Oklahoma State College and Carl Albert State College support the Community. Kiamichi Technology Center is within 2 miles of the town.

There is a library in Talihina with nearly 15,700 volumes available to the residents.


TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Talihina has 60 miles of fiber optic cable with one point of presence available. There is one central office capable of digital switching.


MEDICAL FACILITIES AND MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS - Talihina is home to 2 hospitals with 265 beds. There is 1 nursing home with 69 beds. Practicing in the Talihina area is 1 medical doctors, 1 dentist.

Financial Institutions: Talihina has one Non-Depository Lending Institution with assets totaling $42,920,169 as of Dec. 29, 1995.


FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS - Talihina has one Non-Depository Lending Institution with assets totaling $42,920,169 as of Dec. 29, 1995.


INDUSTRIAL FINANCING - The Oklahoma Finance Authorities (OFA) provide low interest financing through the issuance of general obligation bonds. The loans are established at 300 basis points over cost. In a first mortgage position the loan can be up to $1.25 million. Many Oklahoma counties have voted approval of General Obligation Limited-Tax Bonds for economic development. The amount of bonds the counties can issue is limited to no more than could be retired by a special tax levy of 5 mills. The proceeds of the bonds are generally used to acquire or build a facility associated with the development project. Lease income from the facility is used to amortize the bonds.


OTHER COMMUNITY INFORMATION - Talihina is Oklahoma’s Village Between the Mountains. Also known as the gateway to the Talimena Scenic Drive & the Ouachita National Forest. In close proximity to Sardis and Clayton Lake.

  - Talihina Chamber of Commerce

Vera Nelson, Director

201 First Street, Talihina, Oklahoma 74571

Phone: 918-567-3434, Fax: 918-567-3388, Contact Form

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