POPULATION - Data from the 2000 population census place the Talihina population at 1,211 with 2.5% of the population of LeFlore County residing in Talihina. In Talihina, 54.8% of the population is Caucasian, 1% is African American, 37.2% is Native American, and the remaining 7% is comprised of other races. The LeFlore County labor force was 18,963 in 2000. Participation rate in the county labor force constitutes 63.26% of males and 45.94% of females. (Labor surveys have been completed in many labor markets throughout Oklahoma. For more information or a copy of the survey for this region, if available, please call our office at 405-815-5262).


CLIMATE AND WEATHER - The average January temperature in Talihina is 45 degrees Fahrenheit with a July temperature average of 80 degrees. The area receives an average of 52 inches of rain annually and 5 inches of snow. The average number of flying days is 347.​

AIR AND WATER TRANSPORATION - The nearest commercial airport is 70 miles from Talihina at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. This airport is a full service field with five airlines in operation. The nearest water transportation is the Port of Muskogee. It is 104 miles from Talihina and has a channel depth of 9 feet. It is connected via the Arkansas River to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.


GENERAL GOVERNMENT  - Talihina has a Board of Trustees type of government. There is a comprehensive city plan. The city provides garbage service and water, including rural water.


PUBLIC SAFETY - Talihina has 14 volunteer fire personnel and 5 full-time police officers and one reserve officer. The city’s fire insurance has an 8 classification while the adjacent area has a 9 classification.


UTILITY PROVIDERS - Utility services are provided primarily by the following carriers:

Electric – Public Service Co. of Oklahoma 1-888-216-3523

Rural Electric – Kiamichi Electric Co. 1-800-888-2731

Natural Gas – Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co. 1-866-275-5265

Telephone – Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. 1-800-464-7928

Water, Sewer, Trash-Town of Talihina-918-567-2194

SANITIATOIN AND SEWAGE TREATMENT - Talihina has a discharging oxidation lagoon system of treatment. The city’s sewage treatment system is currently operating at approximately 11% of capacity.


EXPRESS AND MOTOR FREIGHT - There are approximately 8 motor freight companies serving Talihina on an as-needed basis. Express services include United Parcel Service, Film Transit and Federal Express.

ROAD SYSTEM - Talihina is located at the intersection of US 271, SH 1, SH 63, and SH 82. The nearest interstate highway is I-40, approximately 74 miles to the north. The nearest Turnpike is Indian Nation approximately 50 miles to the west. Talihina has one bus carrier. 


​ACCOMMODATIONS - The city has 2 hotels/motels with more than 15 rooms. The largest banquet room in Talihina seats 325. There are several cabins in the near vicinity of Talihina


HOUSING - Talihina has 594 dwellings; 63.1% are owner-occupied.


PLACE OF WORSHIP - Thirteen Protestant churches and 1 Catholic Church are located in Talihina.


MEDIA - Talihina residents can choose from service from multiple companies for cable, dish television and broadband/dial-up Internet access.


TAX STRUCTURE  - Talihina’s property tax rate is $89.18 per $1,000 assessed value for the year 1998-99. The fractional assessment percentage for real property is 11.00% and for personal property; 11.00%. The city has a sales tax rate of 3.0%. In addition, the state levies a 4.5% tax rate on sales. LeFlore County levies a 0.5% sales tax.


COMMERCIAL SERVICES - Within the city there is at least one machine shop. From the city the nearest tool and die services or electric and motor repair services are 39 miles.


EDUCATION RESOURCES  - Talihina has 3 primary and secondary schools with approximately 580 students and 45 teachers. Eastern Oklahoma State College and Carl Albert State College support the Community. Kiamichi Technology Center is within 2 miles of the town.

There is a library in Talihina with nearly 15,700 volumes available to the residents.


TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Talihina has 60 miles of fiber optic cable with one point of presence available. There is one central office capable of digital switching.


MEDICAL FACILITIES AND MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS - Talihina is home to 2 hospitals with 265 beds. There is 1 nursing home with 69 beds. Practicing in the Talihina area are 2 medical doctors, 1 dentist.

Financial Institutions

Talihina has one Non-Depository Lending Institution with assets totaling $42,920,169 as of Dec. 29, 1995.


FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS - Talihina has one Non-Depository Lending Institution with assets totaling $42,920,169 as of Dec. 29, 1995.


INDUSTRIAL FINANCING - The Oklahoma Finance Authorities (OFA) provide low interest financing through the issuance of general obligation bonds. The loans are established at 300 basis points over cost. In a first mortgage position the loan can be up to $1.25 million. Many Oklahoma counties have voted approval of General Obligation Limited-Tax Bonds for economic development. The amount of bonds the counties can issue is limited to no more than could be retired by a special tax levy of 5 mills. The proceeds of the bonds are generally used to acquire or build a facility associated with the development project. Lease income from the facility is used to amortize the bonds.


OTHER COMMUNITY INFORMATION - Talihina is Oklahoma’s Village Between the Mountains. Also known as the gateway to the Talimena Scenic Drive & the Ouachita National Forest. In close proximity to Sardis and Clayton Lake.



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