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Boat ramps are located at all of the area lakes, check with each lake for actual motor size and water sport regulations. The Kiamichi River and the Black Fork River also offer water sport options, information on these and other water sport options in the area is available at the Talihina Chamber of Commerce Office or the National Forest Visitor`s Center.


Talihina is perfect for strolling, with many little shops you might miss if you drove through town. Talihina`s Downtown park is a great place to rest your feet and watch the world go by. The park is located on Dallas Street across from the local soda fountain ‘Treats and Treasures’ where you can enjoy an ice cream soda among the vintage Coca Cola signs and souvenirs. You could stroll up 2nd Street past the Talihina School`s outdoor classroom, a garden area designed to teach children about nature. Just past the school you will find Harper Park which has a picnic shelter, restrooms, and a playground for the kids. Harper Park is across the street from the Public Library and the Talihina Chamber of Commerce Office, stop by and pick up brochures for all the areas attractions and businesses.

Rock Climbing

Robbers Cave is the favorite climbing spot of many local climbers, it has a moderate difficultly level, and there are many other activities in the park for non-climbers to enjoy like spelunking (cave exploring)


Bring your camera and many rolls of film because everywhere you turn you will find photo opportunities. The Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway is an area favorite for photographers. For the adventurers, the Ouachita National Forest is full of wildlife for your photo safari.


Pack the picnic basket and come enjoy a leisurely picnic in any number of spots in and around Talihina. Harper Park on 2nd Street features a picnic shelter and tables, restrooms, softball & baseball fields, and a playground. Talihina`s Downtown Park is located on Dallas Street between 1st and 2nd Streets, with benches for those brown bag lunch types. Sardis Lake, Wister Lake, and Cedar Lake all have picnic areas with views of the lake and areas for large groups. Robbers Cave also has picnic grounds. There are picnic areas along the Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway and at Talimena State Park.

Off Roading

ATV’s and motorbikes can access the Ouachita National Forest Trails from Talimena State Park. 4-Wheelers can access the National Forest from many different areas along Holson Valley/Old Military Road, in Hodgen, OK at The Talking Trees Campground and Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway.


Hunting Licenses are required on public and private land, so visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Site before you plan your next hunting trip, you can buy your license online and check the calendar for each hunting season. Talihina is close to many popular hunting areas including; Ouachita-Homer Johnson WMA, Honobia Creek WMA, Pushmataha WMA, Robbers Cave WMA, Wister WMA, and Yourman WMA. With a variety of game including; dove, quail, deer, turkey, rail, gallinule, crow, snipe, woodcock, waterfowl, rabbit, and squirrel. There`s game for any level of hunter.

Horseback Riding

The Ouachita National Forest has many options for equestrians. The Cedar Lake Equestrian Trails travel from the Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp through the Holson Valley area and up to the Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway. The Billy Creek Trail winds down from the Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway atop Winding Stair Mountain curving down to the Billy Creek Campground in the Kiamichi Valley. There are many ranches in the area including Horse Heaven  (see the Members or Lodging pages for links to these ranches).

Hiking & Backpacking

The Ouachita National Forest offers hikers of all levels an enjoyable experience with clearly
marked trails and varying terrain. The Kerr Arboretum features three self-guided hikes each less
than a mile, making it the perfect spot to get out and stretch your legs during your trip on the
Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway. A 3.5 mile hike down the Billy Creek Trail which curves down the South side of Winding Stair Mountain will take about 1 1/2 hours, but be prepared to spend 2 1/2 hours to hike back up. Horse Thief Spring Trail is an 11.2 mile loop that crosses several small streams and loops up the North face of Winding Stair Mountain before returning to Cedar Lake. For the real adventurers why not try the 23 mile Broadstand Trail or the full 192 mile Ouachita Trail. Information and maps for these and other trails is available at the Talihina Chamber of Commerce Office or at the National Forest Visitor Center on Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway.


We have a new attraction in town, the Buzzard Creek Park. It is an eighteen hole par 3/4 course, located 2 miles south of Talimena Drive and 1/2 mile south of Talimena State Park. This course is suitable for all ages and skill levels. They are currently remodeling the lower nine holes to be wheelchair accessible.


Bass, catfish, crappie, sunfish, and walleye are fished from area lakes like; Cedar Lake, Clayton Lake, Sardis Lake, and Wister Lake. You can also fish the Kiamichi River or Honobia Creek. Fishing licenses are required, so visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Site where you can buy your license online or find out about upcoming free fishing days.


RV or Tent Camping is available at Talimena State Park. Camp site are also available at Lake Carl Albert, Cedar Lake, Sardis Lake, Wister Lake, Clayton Lake, and at Big Cedar RV Park. Camping in the Honobia Creek WMA requires a Land Access Permit which is available from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Site and is limited to a maximum of 14 days.


Both touring and mountain biking are popular in the area since every road leading to Talihina is scenic and the off road opportunities are abundant. Experienced riders will find the Holson Valley/Old Military Road Trail through the Ouachita National Forest, a moderate to difficult ride, with 12 miles of sometimes steep and rocky gravel road, ending at Deadman Vista on the Talimena Scenic Drive, Oklahoma’s National Scenic Byway. There are also some interesting bike trails through Wister Lake State Park and Robbers Cave State Park. Touring along Routes 1 and 63 through the Kiamichi Valley will give you beautiful views, from paved roads that are mainly straight with slight hills, perfect for the family or group outing.